The Dunk was first introduced by Nike, Inc. in 1985. As the Nike Terminator’s “fraternal twin”, originally having numerous colors in most sizes (Hi-Top or Low-Top) for various Universities and Colleges. Since its reintroduction in 1998, the Dunk has transformed from a basic basketball shoe into a subcultural icon and an inspiration for fashion, culture, and art.

Nike Dunk, a basketball shoe model, has a simple, low-tech design. Nike had marketing success with the shoes at various times since its introduction. The original style for Dunks didn’t include air cushion technology. However, the design followed the 1983 introduction of the Air Force 1 model, the first Basketball Shoe with Air Cushion Technology, (Nike Air Tailwind in 1978 was the first shoe with air cushion technology). which was a key model in Nike’s successful strategy of surpassing its rival Converse and aided in the rise of its stock. Two years later, Nike was facing a sales crisis, in part due to Adidas’ return to popularity.

In response, Nike invited Michael Jordan to be its advertising endorser, a significant investment that affected the global basketball shoe market. Nike used Air Force 1 as the original prototype for the first pair of signature shoes for Jordan, the Air Jordan One. Soon all of the top college teams were strongly urged to have their own team shoe, which led to the Dunk.

closeupdunk dunk05 dunk06 nikedunk04 nikedunkcurry nikedunkhi nikedunkhi02 nikedunkhi03 reddunks

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