In the battle for fitness-tracking gadget dominance, Misfits’ Shine is tough to beat on all fronts.

Roughly the size of a quarter, the sleek, lightweight machined-aluminum disk couldn’t be easier to wear thanks to an included magnetic clip and rubber wristband (baller leather band optional). Shine tracks your steps, swim strokes and bike pedaling, displaying your activity levels when tapped via a ring of lights under invisible, laser-drilled micro-holes. Shine also syncs with iOS & Android smartphones; interestingly, though, it’s accomplished not by way of Bluetooth or auxiliary port but rather by placing Shine directly on your smartphone’s display.

Misfit Shine’s proprietary sensor algorithms can track cycling and swimming in addition to just steps so you’ll get more credit where credit is due. To see how active you’ve been throughout the day, simply tap Shine and a halo of lights shines through invisible micro-holes, laser drilled into the metal casing. It’s tiny, and at just several millimeters thick, is one of the world’s thinnest wireless activity trackers so it can be worn just about anywhere, even when wearing next to nothing. Clip it on your pants, bra, shirt, or shoes. Or use the wristband and wear it on your wrist where it can function as a watch too.

5_shine_wearing_locations 1058_large leatherband_lowres Misfit-Shine_2 stretch2 team_photo


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