In lighting technology, Audi is driving progress at high tempo. Today, its xenon plus-and LED headlights already provide excellent illumination of the road and give the cars with the four rings an unmistakable look.

In the future, vehicle lighting from Audi will react even more precisely to environmental conditions, and it will feature full electronic control. The first step in this direction will be taken this year in the form of innovative matrix LED headlights.

Daytime running lights that consist of white light-emitting diodes are a safety and design feature that reflects Audi’s frontrunner role among the competition. They made their debut in the Audi A8 W12 in 2004.

This was the first step towards giving an Audi a unique and unmistakable headlight design. Meanwhile, the LED daytime running lights are now offered in all of the brand’s model series. In each model, the light-intense diodes offer many new degrees of freedom in designing the inner life of the headlight. Whether its lines are curved or straight, a model series from Audi is unmistakably linked to a specific type of lighting.

In the A1, two light-emitting diodes are used per unit; they emit their light into a transparent polymer tube, the light guide, which generates a uniform contour. In the Audi A7 Sportback, the daytime running lights of the optional LED headlights also appear linear, but they originate from 18 individual LEDs with a polymer body in front of them. The LED daytime running lights consume fewer watts of power, have extremely long life and are maintenance-free.

The introduction of full-LED headlights to the A6, A7 Sportback, A8 – and most recently to the A3 model series -, gives the cars unmistakable styling and a resolute look. The small LEDs can be arranged in lines, and they various lighting functions can be implemented by individually controlling the diodes.

The headlights generate a light pattern that is unmistakable and in many cases achieves three-dimensional effects. Such impressive design features could only be realized by close cooperation between engineers and designers. Stephan Berlitz, Head of Development for Lighting Functions/Innovations at Audi, says: “We always find a way to perfectly harmonize technology and styling.” Cesar Muntada Roura of Audi Exterior Design explains: “It is our understanding of one another’s areas of competence that make us so strong.”

 front lamp matrix-beam

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