There is no resource more precious in surfing than wax.

Surfers have always wanted a beautiful and functional case to hold their sticky bars, so INDOEK collaborated with their friend, Todd St. John, to create their own limited edition wax kit. This unique design is reminiscent of surfboard shaping planes.The container well is approximately 2.75 inches and is a perfect fit for most circular wax molds,but also fits some rectangular shapes. The comb tines are on the bottom edge and the scraper is a detachable lid that is seamlessly held in place by two magnets. Each unique kit has been handmade with love and care by Todd St. John. The process and design have a focus on sustainability and minimal waste.The sturdy teak hardwood is a perfect material as it is both durable and sustainable not to mention it has a naturally waxy, smooth texture that blends the wax residue without a mess.

surfboard wax scraper kit


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