Stylus Caps are now machined from aluminum, making them 76.2% lighter than the previous generation.That’s right. 76.2%. They feel great in your hand and are so light, you’ll practically forget they’re in your pocket.

Not too soft and not too hard, people love our exclusive Firm Tips because they feel just right.Now we have dialed in the design to respond even quicker to your screen. Everyday we ask ourselves, “How can we make Stylus Caps simpler?” Then we find new ways to use less materials and energy in our manufacturing processes. What remains is the most sustainable Stylus Cap yet. Stylus Caps start as a solid bar of aircraft grade aluminum. We then machine, sand blast, anodize, and laser engrave each and every one to match our own rigorous standards. This makes them ultra strong and ultra good looking. Not to mention ultra recyclable. Most styluses with rubber tips have a bouncy or squishy feel, making it difficult to do precise things like taking hand-written notes or sketching. That’s why More/Real designed an all-new tip, exclusive to Stylus Caps, called Firm Tips. Firm Tips eliminate most of that bounce, making Stylus Caps feel more solid and precise. Even better: Firm Tips are rugged enough to toss into a bag or a pocket without a case, yet soft enough to protect your screen from scratches. Normal touchscreen styluses are useless if their tips break or wear down from use. Kind of dumb right? That’s why Firm Tips are designed to be replaceable, saving you money and your Stylus Cap from a trip to the landfill. Replaceable tips. Long lasting and recyclable materials. Minimal part count. Assembled in Rochester. Separately, these are small design decisions. Together, they are part of More/Real’s goal to make Stylus Caps not only the best touchscreen stylus, but the most sustainable as well.

more-real-Stylus-Cap-2 more-real-Stylus-Cap


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